What is Email Marketing?

Email Marketing is the marketing of products or services by using email. In other ways, you can also say email marketing uses email to develop a potential relationship with the customers or the users.

Email marketing is one part of digital marketing, which incorporates online marketing through websites, blogs, social media and so on.

It is basically equivalent to direct mail except that instead of sending mail through post, messages are sent electronically by means of email.

email marketing

Why Email Marketing is Important?

Now though we have covered the biggest question, what is email marketing, we haven’t gotten into why email marketing is so important for your business. We should discuss that now.

Despite the rise of social media and spontaneous spam email (which is never a decent marketing strategy, by the way), email remains the best method to sustain leads and transform them into customers.

There are numerous reasons why you should include email marketing as one of your top marketing strategies, yet here are the top 3:

1. Email is one of the top communication channels. Did you know that 99% of users browse their email every day? That can’t be said of some other communication channel.

2. You own your email list. On any other social media channel, your account could be suspended or deleted at any time without any notice. However, you own your email list here. Nobody can take away those leads from you.

3. Email converts better than any channel. Individuals who purchase products marketed through email spend 138% more than the individuals who don’t get email offers. In fact, email marketing has an ROI of 4400% which is way higher than any other channel.

That is colossal! Still, if you think social media converts even better you need to think once again. Email average order value is almost three times higher than social media.

Email is basically the most ideal approach to make sales online.

Does email marketing work?

When you want people to know about your brand or sell your stuff, email promoting is one of the best platforms to do so.

Since people get increasingly more emails constantly, and it gets very challenging to stand out in full inboxes. There are many email marketing tools that help you in creating a successful email marketing campaign.

Email Marketing Tips

Build your own email list. This has been already told numerous times but people still buy email lists which is actually a waste of time and money.

All you will do by sending a spontaneous email that will turn off a large portion of the individuals you’re wanting to transform into clients and risk being named a spammer.

Follow the rule of the CAM-SPAM Act. These rules incorporate having a non-tricky headline, a method of unsubscribing, and your name and address toward the end of the emails.

Don’t simply send ads to purchase something all the time. Use your emails to build affinity with users by sharing your mastery as well as that of others, giving them tips and experiences, they can value.

Offer information that tells them increasingly about you as well as your organization if it’s interesting.

Treat your email list well. Remember that the individuals you’re using email to communicate with have faith in you with their email and name; they deserve your respect.

Similarly, as you deserve as an opportunity to change over them from clients to fans and even evangelists for your brand, individuals who want to discuss and share your message and engage in any way they can.

Adhere to a timetable in case you’re doing a newsletter. Sending emails on a certain day or days can enable your subscribers to know when and what to expect from you.

How does email advertising work with other types of marketing?

As we continue to explain email marketing this, we should also know how it functions best with other forms of marketing. As I had mentioned before, email marketing works very well alongside social media marketing.

You can cross-promote your organization’s social media profiles on emails with buttons requesting them to follow you. You can also use your social media profiles to collect email list and use them in your email marketing campaign.

There are a couple of ways to do this, one of which is to run a giveaway on your social media profile that ask individuals to give their email address so as to enter.

You can make a post asking your users to subscribe to your emails with a link to sign up form.

There are high chances that they will subscribe to your email since they already follow you on social media and will want to learn more from you.

You can even set up a lead generation campaign on Facebook focusing on collecting emails which you would then be able to use in an email marketing campaign.

Email marketing also works in line with a remarketing campaign! By using emails, you can also send cart reminders to your remarketing audience. These emails can also be personalized with specific products from your online store!

The most effective method to Create an Email Marketing Campaign

Pick your mailing list.

Make your email based on an available template or make your own.

Check the email marketing campaign settings and tracking.

Send a test email.

Make use of the types of emails listed below in your campaigns:

Triggered emails

These emails are automated and totally dependent on user’s behavior or their phase in the clients’ lifecycle: welcome emails, anniversary emails, abandoned cart emails and transactional emails.

Business as usual emails (BAU)

These kinds of emails make up the primary dialogue with your users. These are promotional emails with special discounted offers, sales, announcements, or educational information.

Regardless of which types of emails you decide to send, there are some standard rules on how to make a great email copy that your subscribers will open.

What is email optimization?

Another valuable tip to remember is that there are ideal times to send your messages out. Subscribers are bound to open an email if they are not busy at that particular time.

Else, they may open it later, or they may also forget about it and let it sit in their inbox uncertainly.

Most email marketing tool will assist you in making sense of which times are perfect for you to send emails. Otherwise, a good rule of thumb is to send messages during hours when individuals in your target audience are probably going to be free.

Early mornings before people get down to work, lunch break times, and evenings, when people are living for home from work, are normally the best time to send emails.

You can generally use information gathered from past emails to make improvements for future emails. A/B split testing is the most ideal approach to figure out which kinds of content sounds best with your audience.

After all, the all-encompassing objective of your email is to get the correct message to the right person at the right time. It will be difficult to get all the things line up perfectly, particularly on the first attempt. That is the reason A/B split testing is so important!

How Often to Send Email Marketing Campaigns

As per statistics, organizations send 2-4 emails every day. How frequently would it be a good idea for you to email your users? Here’s a rundown of tips on how to set email frequency:

Ask these questions in your subscription form. Provide customers with an alternative to get your email daily, weekly, or monthly. You can do this when users subscribe to your email.

Continuously look at the number of open rates and unsubscribes. Change the frequency of your email accordingly after having this data.

Analyze the roots of the user’s engagement. A few subscribers probably won’t be interested in only receiving promotional emails.

Others, in any case, are interested in your sales and will ignore your newsletter with blog posts. Let the user specify which content they want to consume and plan the frequency of your emails accordingly.

Run an A/B test. Send emails to two equal groups of your mailing list simultaneously, check the open rate, and pick the winning frequency.